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Teaching CDs

Audio teaching sets from Trevor & Sharon Baker and Revival Fires.

The Three Heavens - Understanding the Supernatural Ways of Heaven

  Understand, through this teaching CD, the supernatural ways of heaven: - The glory realm - The spirit realm - The natural realm - Create corridors of glory over your life   See heaven break out around...


The Council Rooms of Heaven - Understanding the Supernatural Ways of Heaven

Understand, through this teaching CD, the supernatural ways of Heaven and how to move with The Ancient of Days who decrees daily judgements in our favour! - You have access to...


The Angelic Realm - Understanding the Supernatural Ways of Heaven

The Angelic Realm teaching will help you  - Understand the place of the ruler of darkness, the ruler of the air, and the ruler of the world.  - Discover how the angelic...


God's Gift and Calling

Do you long to operate fully in your God-given gifts and calling? This teaching will enable you to touch the treasure within you, regain a sense of purpose and move...


The Prayer of Jabez

In this teaching, you are invited on a revelatory journey through the Prayer of Jabez. Many have found this prayer remarkably powerful in breaking through to a new place of...


The Glory Realm (Prayers & Music to Enter Throne Room)

Prayers and Music to Enter Throne Room Encounters Thank you for all those who, over the years, have helped me to enter more fully into the reality of Heaven’s Throne Room....


The Resolve of Revival

Learn how to recognise the sound of the enemy which desires to destroy, discourage and dis-orientate you. This teaching will show you how to: Re-orientate your life around the superior pleasures...


Revival of Anointing

Step into your season of ful lment when time and opportunity meet! This teaching from the Parable of the 10 Virgins (Matt 25) will reveal that in the house of...


Revival of Miracles

Inspiring message from 2 Kings 13:20 that will inspire you to live a life of miracles: Recognise old seasons that have come to an end Declare with faith that this is not...


Revival of the Father's Love

Bring pleasure to the Father’s heart, which is greater than walking in obedience! Know afresh that you are: Accepted in the Beloved Acknowledged before the Father Adorned with the Spirit’s giftings Walking in the Assignments...


Revival of the Prophetic

Experience a revival in your prophetic life, just as young Samuel learnt to hear the voice of the Lord (1 Sam 3). Understand how the the Prophetic: Unlocks God's great plan for...


Gates of Glory Gathering

Gates of Glory Gathering This teaching set contains all 7 messages from the September 2017 Gates of Glory Gathering, with Trevor Baker, Ken Gott, Brian Long and Sharon Baker. 7 CD Set...