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Worship CDs

Worship Recordings to lead you into the presence of Jesus! Physical CDs.

Revival Creative

Live Worship from Revival Creative As the worship collective of Revival Fires Church, Dudley, the team’s desire was to capture something of the presence and atmosphere of the Holy Spirit as...


The Glory Realm (Prayers & Music to Enter Throne Room)

Prayers and Music to Enter Throne Room Encounters Thank you for all those who, over the years, have helped me to enter more fully into the reality of Heaven’s Throne Room....



Atmospheric and instrumental worship, prayers, and decrees to encounter the Holy Spirit For the latest release from Revival Fires Worship, we wanted to create a project that would provide a musical...


God Over All | Live Worship

God Over All | Live Worship This live worship offering from Revival Fires proclaims God's greatness, the Sprit's nearness and the truth that Jesus is interested in the daily circumstances of...