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Specially selected books to align your life with God's timeline and run with His purpose for your life.

Discernment Book

You Can Hold the Strategic Advantage in Every Spiritual Battle!  We are living in such critical times that it is imperative for every believer to discern the guiding voice of the...


Win+Win Parenting

Raising young children doesn't have to leave you feeling overwhelmed and uncertain. It can be a time you thrive and feel empowered while raising the little ones that you love. In...


Your Spiritual Gifts Can Help Your Church Grow

Discover Your Gifts and Use Them to Serve God's People    God has a plan and purpose for His Kingdom here on earth--and He's given every believer a unique set of gifts...


Giants Will Fall

We are entering a new era. The greatest harvest of souls in history is about to begin. Regions of the planet controlled by darkness since the Fall are about to...


When Heaven Hits Home

It’s the classic story of boy meets girl - well, the classic story of wandering Jewish boy meets passionate Christian girl. With humor and ease, Myles and Katharine Weiss weave...


Dreams & Visions

Does God really speak through dreams and visions? Could He be speaking to you?  Absolutely.  In this revised and updated edition of her groundbreaking book, author and pastor Jane Hamon unravels the...


The Blueprints of Heaven

The Blueprints of Heaven: Seeing Heaven Revealed on Earth Lay a solid foundation for building up the church through the work of the Holy Spirit! Equipping you with tools to spark...


A Time To Prosper

Discover the biblical model for work, worship, and giving, and understand how this pattern prepares you to give and receive blessings. Now is the time to claim your inheritance and...